Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fruitcake...Italian style (or "How I Dropped The Bombe")

Its Christmas time again. My second Christmas outside of the Motherland (the US seems much more like a Fatherland for reasons but I digress)...

Our Christmas tree is once again decorated in red and gold. The lights and garland are on. We have more decorations than last year, including ones my parents sent. The presents are under the tree and I am finally getting to my holiday baking tonight (I am, what I have coined, a "midnight baker". I'm at my most creative and energetic late at night. I've always been that way.)

My mister and I enjoy watching Jamie Oliver and we recently watched one of the Christmas episodes. Besides wanting to make EVERYTHING, I'm determined to make his Winter Pudding Bombe (recipe here! The show made it look so much more amazing than this one picture. If you're interested it was "Jamie Oliver's Best Ever Christmas" - 22 gloriously delicious minutes into the show.)

Photo © David Loftus. From

SO! This evening we set out to the supermarket. I could swear I saw panettone one of them. After searching the bakery section to no avail, I decided I'll make the bombe with Bolo Rei (King's Cake) instead. After all, I don't really know the difference except that real Italian panettone is bigger and doesn't have the crystallized fruits that a King's Cake has. But the mister said I should just make the panettone myself. Why not!

With that said, I have some serious baking to get on with. Wish me luck. I'll be spending the morning doing this.

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