Friday, March 9, 2012

Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer! A review!

I never was bronzer girl. I'm still not really a bronzer girl but living in southern Europe where there's plenty of stunning olive skinned girls, I tend to stand out and blind every body with my paleness. Not that I really mind that much but some days I feel like I need a little glow.

Enter the Pink Leopard!

I've absolutely loved Too Faced products for a while now. This is the first thing I've tried. Ever since then I have been hooked. Everything I've tried has been fantastic quality. Of course, it doesn't hurt that their packaging is adorable. Its sturdy packaging too - this stuff has been with me overseas several times and has seen its share of time in my purse!

Why, thank you!

Too Faced says this on their website:

What It Is: 
Our lovely little leopard bronzer combines gorgeous shades of golden bronzes, gilded pinks and neutral fawns to brighten skin and create a glorious all over glow that will have you looking sun-kissed, any time of the year. 

More To Love: 
  • All Skin Tones: Fair to medium skin tones are enriched with warmth while deeper skins are infused with a healthy radiance. 
  • Natural Finish: Beautifying combination looks natural when applied creates a look that lasts for hours.

Yep, that pretty much nails it. I'm on my second pan of it, its that great. Also great: Too Faced doesn't test on animals. Whoo hoo!

Oooo, pretties!
I really consider this more of a glow enhancer than a straight up bronzer. This ain't no Nars Laguna bronzer. Its not a matte bronzer. The shimmer is gorgeous without making me look like a disco ball and has enough depth to warm me up. No huge chunks of glitter in this product, thank goodness!

Swatchy goodness.

You can buy it straight from the Too Faced website (shipping to the US, Canada, and the UK) or you can get it at a local Sephora store or the French Sephora site (they ship to most EU countries! Yay!).

There will be more Too Faced reviews! I'm working on one for the Naked Eye shadow collection right now!

Special thanks to Too Faced for letting me use their logo and product images!

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